Mandatory Life Safety Survey and Capital Needs Assessment – Burbank School District


Burbank School District 111

The FOS team conducted an Illinois-mandated decennial facilities survey for School District 111 in Burbank, a first-ring Chicago suburb. The project consisted of a state-mandated decennial health/life safety survey amendment, updated safety reference plans, and a comprehensive facility condition assessment for each district site. Our team reviewed existing building documentation, visually surveyed for code compliance of the Illinois Administrative Code Part 180, preparation of a written report to describe the items determined to be out of compliance, documentation, and submission to the Regional Office of Education

(ROE) and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) in their prescribed web-based format (IWAS). New safety reference plans were created to satisfy ISBE requirements in accordance with Section 180.330 of the Illinois Administrative Code. The facility condition assessment included a systems-based strategic renewal and replacement plan for all systems, benchmarking using facility condition index (FCI), system condition index (SCI), and current replacement value (CRV) metrics, provision of documentation of five & ten-year needs to facilitate securing infrastructure investment capital.


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