Developing a District-Wide Assessment Methodology – Chicago Public Schools


Chicago Public Schools

As the Chicago Public Schools Design Manager from 2009 to 2014, CannonDesign (formally as OWP/P) provided the interim assessments, data input, and documentation at the foundational phase of the state-mandated biennial assessment program helping finalize the formal process. We served in this role through completion of the initial baseline assessments and until the Design Management Team was consolidated with the Program Management Team and the Construction Management Team under

a single contract, as it stands today. This presents an intimate understanding of the evolution of the CPS process, the size of the district-wide comprehensive task, its complexities and requirements from a pioneer participant’s perspective. Since then, CannonDesign has regularly served CPS in roles ranging from bid consultation and specification development architect of record, renovations and new-construction schools, and highly detailed facility and feasibility studies of district assets.

60 Million
Total portfolio building square feet assessed within three years