Building a 21st Century Facility Management Program – City of Buffalo


City of Buffalo, NY

The City of Buffalo recognized the need for a practical and forward thinking facility management plan to maximize resources and create the strongest possible future for its citizens. The city engaged our FOS team to perform facility condition assessments, develop quick-action emergency plans for city police and fire departments, and implement facility data into a computerized maintenance management system and geographic information system to create enhanced mapping and analysis of civic buildings.

Our team delivered short- and long-term planning solutions allowing the city to make more informed decisions about their assets. The city began to implement a multi-year, multi-phase plan to evolve its facility management systems into a tool for well-informed asset management decisions. This evolution led to the introduction of a preventative maintenance program and the creation of a new call center and on-demand work order system.


Key Stats:

Buffalo is better prepared than ever to manage its resources efficiently, sustainably and successfully.

— Steve Stepniak, Director of Public Works, City of Buffalo
Our team executed short- and long-range planning for more than 3.3 million sq ft of city-owned facilities
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