Comprehensive Review of Capital Needs – Denver Public Schools


Denver Public Schools

With a need to conduct a detailed, high-quality assessment for over 16 million square feet, Denver Public Schools looked to FOS of CannonDesign to deliver. A foundation of our practice is listening to, collaborating with, and delivering projects as promised for our clients. Creating a strong partnership with our clients is important to ensure we are delivering value and satisfaction throughout the entirety of a project. This framework was exemplified working with DPS to deliver a complex multi-faceted assessment, commissioning, and capital planning project.

Using a hybrid of UniFormat levels three and five, the FOS team assessed building elements at the component level, taking an equipment inventory and tagging along the way. Electrical panels, air handling units, and all other systems with circuitry or rotating drives were scanned with thermal imaging cameras to compare with normal operating condition. District-wide site and civil work, playgrounds, and irrigation systems were all assessed. Finally, building mechanical equipment was retro-commissioned to verify operation and help enhance preventative maintenance planning.

350 Assets