Strategic Physical Asset Management For K12 School Districts – Brevard Public Schools


Brevard Public Schools

Strategic facilities capital planning begins with the right tools and data. For Brevard Public Schools (BPS), properly understanding and analyzing deferred maintenance and capital renewal needs is critical to their capital improvement program and sales surtax planning. BPS trusted FOS to complete a facility condition assessment, asset inventory, and capital planning software implementation to inform and support data driven deferred maintenance and renewal strategies. This solution allows the school district to create and maintain a comprehensive physical asset database, identify, and execute deferred maintenance projects with accurate cost data, and develop budgets for capital renewal and replacement.

The deliverables of this project will make a meaningful impact on the learning environmental quality for all students in the District. Evidence-based support for the sales surtax renewal will help communicate to District stakeholders and taxpayers why the funding for continual renewal is critically important to learning outcomes.

This project supported maintenance and operational excellence at the District and encourages their short- and long-term capital planning initiatives. The facility management team at BPS spoke about the project at their August 2020 Board Workshop, with Anthony Troisi, County Wide Plant Operations & Maintenance, saying  “Our presentation and success would not have been possible without FOS of CannonDesign.” Troisi said, “In short we hit a home run. Our plan now has full Board support and will be implemented as outlined pending our November sales tax vote.”

According to Sue Hann, Asst. Superintendent of Facilities Planning, we helped them engage a data driven approach. The board allowed her to “Invest in a facility condition assessment project that is really unprecedented” which led them to have a stronger asset management program. When viewing the final report deliverables she said, “This document is very inclusive, very detailed… this is a living, breathing document that will guide our work going into the future and we’re very excited. It’s made us a much stronger organization and we have much better data going forward to base our decisions on.” Our reporting capabilities will allow the Brevard team to input data and at any moment in the future, print out new reports, and see presentations that reflect current-to-date data.

Praise during the Brevard board meeting included comments from Matt Susin, Vice Chair Dist. 4, who said, “This is truly revolutionary… this is ahead of surrounding municipalities and school boards.”

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