Transforming Care for a Complex, Vulnerable Population – Texas HHSC


Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Looking to transform the behavioral health and developmental disabilities system across the state, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) engaged our FOS team to conduct independent studies of the provision of services in state-supported living centers and the state psychiatric hospital system. Over the course of six months, we conducted hundreds of interviews and surveys and completed 10 million sf of facility assessments. These studies provided evidence-based insight into the state system’s operational, infrastructure, and real estate needs and associated costs.

The final report includes actionable recommendations and strategic plans that help right-size bed needs across the state, reduce the average length of stay, curb readmissions and recovery time, and enhance care. Implementation of the recommendations will move Texas HHSC towards a best-in-class model of care, directly impacting thousands of Texans, representing some of the most complex and vulnerable populations in the nation.


Key Stats:

$365 M
Increases services and redirects $365 million in capital investments to community-based resources
610 Beds
Strategic planning created capacity for an additional 610 beds by 2024