Denver Public Schools & FOS
Continue Condition Assessment Program


Turning the sprint into a marathon; FOS team re-engaged to maintain an ongoing facility assessment program over four years.

Facility Optimization Solutions (FOS) of CannonDesign, today announced that the Strategic Sourcing Department of Denver Public Schools (DPS) has chosen FOS to implement an ongoing facility condition assessment program (FCAP) over the next four years. This program allows the FOS team to continually update the dataset they developed during the original 2019 assessment, initiating a live tool for strategic capital planning. This will support DPS decision makers, leading to educated choices regarding facilities maintenance and renewal, better informing future capital planning decisions. DPS operates one hundred and sixty-two schools, becoming the largest and fastest-growing school district in Colorado in terms of enrollment and academic growth.

In 2019, Denver Public Schools had a need to conduct a detailed, high-quality assessment for over sixteen million square feet spanning over three hundred individual assets. This district-wide assessment was considered a “sprint,” and pushed the entire FOS team to assess every single space within every single building over just thirteen weeks in the field. Upon completion, the District received a comprehensive, multi-faceted assessment deliverable that included commissioning and bond planning.

Asking educational institutions to face their deferred maintenance backlogs can be a daunting task, but it’s a common issue that ultimately impacts the student experience. With the right strategy in place, these deficiencies can be assessed and prioritized, facilitating data-driven decisions. To continue ensuring the best experience for their students and community, DPS is proactively addressing their maintenance needs by entrusting FOS to turn the sprint into a marathon, as they continue an FCAP for the next four years. To assist in accomplishing this task, FOS uses the industry-leading FOScore® assessment and capital planning tool; designed to incorporate data collection, cost estimating, asset tagging, reporting, capital planning, and strategic budgeting to keep the database live and continuously updated. The entire dataset created in 2019 is housed inside of FOScore®, allowing continual updates as facilities are reassessed. This platform is already integrated with the District’s maintenance management platform, meaning deficiencies and inventory updates are automatically reflected in both databases. The DPS FCAP is a model for industry best practices for physical asset management.

“It didn’t take long for DPS to realize the value of always having an accurate understanding of building conditions,” said Matthew Kissane, Sr. Program Manager Facility Condition Program, “So we have made the strategic decision to not treat it as a one off but as a sustaining program, constantly assessing buildings in order to continuously inform capital planning, maintenance strategies, and future bond plans.”

FOS has a successful history of working with education facilities, utilizing a consistent and proven assessment process. In the last five years, FOS has performed over 500 million square feet of facility condition assessments and is ranked by World Architecture 100 as #2 worldwide for facility management services by an AE firm.