Facility Condition Assessment FAQ

Facility Condition Assessment FAQs

Many facility managers and owners recognize the need for a better understanding of the condition of their physical assets. To gain this understanding, a facility condition assessment (FCA) should be performed. Below are answers to commonly asked questions about what an FCA is and how they can help establish a strategic framework to inform and plan for your future.

What is a facility condition assessment?

A facility condition assessment (FCA) is a physical survey of buildings and infrastructure that gathers deferred maintenance and capital renewal data. Discipline specialists observe current field conditions of your built assets, estimate expected remaining life based on professional experience, and define replacement or renewal timelines with assigned cost estimates by system and component. By understanding what you own, what is each asset’s condition, what needs exist, and what is an actionable recommendation, an FCA recipient can prioritize maintenance and capital renewal.

What should my facility condition assessment deliver?

An FCA should convey information from concept to detail, helping to secure and prioritize the funding needed to achieve and maintain high-performing facilities. FCAs help building owners and managers properly communicate the importance of proactive facilities stewardship.

Who typically provides an FCA?

Typically, an FCA is provided by highly trained assessment professionals. This team of assessors can be a multidisciplinary team led by licensed architects and engineers.

Who will benefit from an FCA?

A good facility condition assessment provides data-driven planning solutions to support strategic investment in your physical assets, which allows everyone, from facilities staff to stakeholders, to win.

What can I expect in terms of duration and cost for a facility condition assessment?

The duration and cost of a facility condition assessment depends on the size and scope of your project. There is no one-size-fits-all FCA. Each should consider the specific needs of each client through tailored level of detail.


To put it simply, a facility condition assessment is the cornerstone of effective facilities management. It will allow facility managers and owners to address deferred maintenance backlog and create strategic capital planning and asset management solutions. Want to learn more? Chat with our team. 

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