Pre K-12 Facility Assessments

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Data-driven educational facility planning solutions

We are a national leader in providing facility condition assessments (FCAs)

for PK-12 educational institutions. A fundamental building block of any

master plan and capital improvement plan is understanding what you have.

Our FCAs inform this process by answering four key questions:

  • What do you own?

  • What is the condition of your campuses and facilities?

  • What are the associated needs and liabilities?

  • What is your strategic plan?


We evaluate your facilities using our software solutions that allow clients to purposefully track facilities and development needs by:

  • Identifying critical deficiencies of components and systems

  • Identifying health/life safety code violations and accessibility / universal design barriers

  • Promoting predictive and proactive maintenance programs

  • Developing projects and capital planning scenarios

We scale and tailor our solutions to the needs of each individual client rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Our national PK-12 assessment and design experience gives us an unparalleled understanding of educational facilities. Let us partner with you to achieve excellence in operations and education.

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