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Making buildings safe & accessible to everyone

All too often, facility managers and owners are presented with the complicated task of adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and life safety rules and requirements. We will help you execute a plan toward the shared goal of making buildings safe and accessible to everyone.

Maintaining a safe and compliant environment

Our experienced ADA professionals can work with you to evaluate your facilities and develop actionable compliance plans. We collaborate with our clients to set accessibility and life safety goals and can conduct assessments to any level of detail desired. We can help you adopt a plan that reduces the risk and hefty fines associated with non-compliance and make crucial decisions regarding facility modifications.

ADA 101

The Law

Unlike building codes, ADA compliance is federal civil rights legislation and enforced by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Since 1990, all public, commercial, and government facilities have mandated accessibility standards. Subsequently, major legislative updates occurred in 2010 and 2014.


Accessibility compliance is determined by many different qualitative and quantitative factors. Factors that determine compliance include building age, purpose, and installed services to name a few. Additionally, level of accessibility can be open to interpretation when determining compliance with the law.


We developed an ADA compliance ranking system to quantitatively measure accessibility. We identify accessibility deficiencies and rank by correction priority. This scale provides a framework for short and long-term capital planning. Customized priority scales can be crafted to capture additional prioritization, or align priorities and timeframes with other definitions already in use.

Life Safety 101

Life Safety Current State

Life safety drawings review, field verification, and key findings report of current life safety for owned or leased facilities.


Code Review

Review and report of physical environmental conditions based on life safety codes.

Corrective Action Plan

Corrective action report containing prioritized deficiencies, cost estimates and recommendations for remediation.

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Infographic: Achieving a State of Readiness

Request our infographic for more information on the importance of under­standing these new code requirements, as well as having the proper docu­mentation in place to demonstrate conformity to CMS compliance firms.

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