Energy Audits & Studies


Reduce costs, reduce impact.

Energy and resource consumption represent major costs to any institution, and opportunities to reduce their use creates economic and social benefits. Our experienced and licensed team of facilities professionals and sustainability specialists perform facility energy audits to identify reduction opportunities and create a framework for strategic planning of related capital improvements.

ASHRAE energy audits

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) developed procedures for auditing commercial building energy use based on industry best practices. Divided into three levels, ASHRAE energy audits are industry standard guidelines that we use to collect widely accepted and consistent data with an adaptable scope. We tailor each energy audit to meet individual client goals.

Level I

Fundamental building walkthrough

We conduct surveys and identify reduction and savings opportunities with low-cost/no-cost implementation and major capital improvements needing further investigation.

Level II

Data-based energy use analysis

This expands upon a typical Level I survey with a detailed energy-use survey and site analysis. This is done at a system level with detailed cost evaluation and recommendations for systems needing a Level III analysis for capital improvement planning.

Level III

Extensive capital needs study

This provides the highest level of detail to identify capital improvement needs and associated costs. The scope may include component-level site analysis, energy modeling and detailed cost analysis. We work with our clients to deliver a customized solution that guides future sustainable use and capital planning.

Our expertise is guided by CannonDesign’s deep experience in sustainable design and construction:

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