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Powerful features, intuitive design

Our web-based proprietary software, FOScore™, puts assessment data at your fingertips. We use it in the field for systematic data collection – its straightforward, utilitarian design streamlines and simplifies assessments and reporting. We also use it for construction-cost estimating, capital planning, project planning, asset tagging and reporting.

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Available anywhere, on any device

Whether you are in the field or at your desk, you can use FOScore™ for all of your facility management needs. It runs on a web-based platform available anytime on any internet-connected device. A mobile app version is available for those with limited connectivity.

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Integrates with existing software

FOScore™ encourages integration with industry standard programs including computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), building information modeling (BIM), and geographic information systems (GIS). We partner with our clients and third-party software providers and take a cooperative approach to developing advanced functionality.

Generates actionable projects

Quickly create data-driven reports and projects using FOScore™. Make budgeting and maintenance planning effortless, and equip yourself with a tool to support informed capital investment decisions.

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Custom solutions

When clients present a challenge, we create a solution. Our experienced in-house development team builds personalized solutions to satisfy client needs. We focus on keeping FOScore™ a simple and intuitive tool to complement work of your facilities professionals.

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We are FOScore's biggest user

We created our software to be the best tool on the market. That’s why we use it for all of our boots-on-the-ground assessments. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself how FOScore™ can be tailored to your facility management needs.

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