Space Coast Daily: FOS Creating Strategic Physical Asset Management for Brevard Public Schools


Our partnership with Brevard Public Schools is part of an article from Space Coast Daily that focuses on leveraging data for efficient capital planning.

To deliver the most informed decisions possible, the district recognized they needed an asset management and capital planning solution. Brevard Public Schools trusted FOS to provide this solution that allowed the school district to create and maintain a comprehensive physical asset database, identify deferred maintenance and capital projects with accurate cost data, and develop budgets for strategic long-term renewal and replacement.

As the piece acknowledges, “This…will guide our work going into the future and we’re very excited. It’s made us a much stronger organization and we have much better data going forward to base our decisions on,” said Sue Hann, Brevard Public Schools Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Planning when viewing the final report deliverables.

FOS has a successful history of working with educational institutions, utilizing a consistent and proven assessment process. The full Space Coast Daily piece is available online.

Space Coast Daily